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System sygnalizacji pożarowej

Wielka i jeszcze większa funkcjonalność analiza, ustawienia, powiadomienia , raporty, elektroniczne dokumenty, wszystko zdalnie z poziomu ekranu. 





smart factories
located in Poland

of R&D, laboratory and IT team

of insurance distribution experience

of technological experience

System sygnalizacji pożarowej
System sygnalizacji pożarowej
System sygnalizacji pożarowej
System sygnalizacji pożarowej
System sygnalizacji pożarowej
System sygnalizacji pożarowej
System sygnalizacji pożarowej

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Why, yes. We’re deepening the system’s ability to feed on thermal imaging and machine vision, as well as more advanced analytical models used for recognition of other risks. On top of that, we’re developing novel scoring and pricing algorithms for an even more precise evaluation of risk and premium calculation.

System sygnalizacji pożarowej
System sygnalizacji pożarowej



Analytics environment 

Essential functions.

Industrial Internet of Things



User tools environment

Cutting-edge technology for all. 
Production and storage facilities or just any business lacking sufficient fire risk monitoring, open to advanced solutions.

Professional, complex, compliant with standards.
We provide innovative insurance for companies and satisfy even most demanding investors and financial backers.

Hand in hand with insurers and brokers.
We participate in each step of property risk insurance and provide continuous risk monitoring for the entire duration of your policy.

Local Monitoring and Signaling System.

Based on the Internet of Things - Industrial Internet of Things.

Broad and broader functionality.
Analysis, settings, notifications, reports, electronic documents – accessible from your screen.

Fisense Transmitter 4.
Fine case
packed with potential.


At Inssue the Internet of Things joins forces with Machine Learning to give you Inssue Fisense. 
This innovative solution allows you to increase the effectiveness of insurance risk management, predominantly fire hazard. You can now react towards potential danger sooner than any analog risk engineering or fire-detection systems ever allowed. 


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System sygnalizacji pożarowej

Constant growth of our team
and of our portfolio.


Technical gases detectors, air quality , machinery protection, vibration pickups, cycle timers, measurement of air pressure and temperature in tanks and installations, monitoring of terminal tractors and fleet vehicles  - you can expand your Inssue Fisense cover to protect all of your assets. It’s our intention to offer you complex, advanced coverage.

+48 695 894 932


Inssue Technologies Sp. Z o.o.

Aleja Pokoju 18 C

31-564 Kraków

Over 30 years of electronic design and production experience,
over 20 years of insurance distribution


Since 2017, as Inssue Technologies, we’re developing complex environment, which enables enduring monitoring of entire buildings, machinery, product lines as well as commercial and specialist vehicles of all kinds. Our experience and technological background allow us to create professional solutions based on real-time risk analysis, thus offer you and your assets dedicated protection.

Machine Learning.

All measurements gathered by our devices are subjected to analysis. The system feeds on the analyzed data, discovers and learns sequences of events, thus increasing its hazard detection abilities. Cooperation between our Cloud Analysts and Microsoft specialists allows constant improvement of both systemic performance and critical data security.

System sygnalizacji pożarowej
System sygnalizacji pożarowej
System sygnalizacji pożarowej
System sygnalizacji pożarowej

Proficient and swift.


Complex structure, effortless implementation.

Deliberately non-invasive and wireless. Cloud-managed.

Implementation of our product fulfills PKN-CEN/TS. 54-14:2020 standards, which include guidelines for planning, designing, installing, acceptance, exploitation and maintenance of fire alarms. Our innovative combination of technology and carefully thought-out process allows implementation to take as little as two weeks. Documents are available in a convenient electronic format. 

Each key element is placed in a dedicated tech ecosystem.
Fisense Transmitter 4 is a wireless device connected to multi-sensor fire detector, which continuously monitors temperature, humidity and air pressure. Real-time data is remotely transmitted via long-range (LoRa) WAN wireless communication to a cloud computing platform of our production (built from scratch as a part of Manufacturing Execution System project). Measurements are analyzed and converted into notifications, which are available for you in Control Panel.



NIP: 993 066 20 07

REGON: 366327631

KRS: 0000657467



+48 462 81 40


Inssue Technologies Sp. Z o.o.

ul. Cystersów 19

31-553 Kraków

Strona www stworzona w kreatorze WebWave.

Constant, remote monitoring of temperature, humidity and air pressure

Constant, remote monitoring
of fire hazard

Independent wireless communication
and emergency power supply

Alarm and notification system both at your facility and in your app

24/7 Cloud-based analysis, remote management and parametrization

3 access levels
Customer’s panel tools

Systemy sygnalizacji pożarowej

We provide a fire control system, advanced monitoring of environment and infrastructure conditions, information transfer and insurance guarantee.

You minimize the risk of property damage and business interruption, strengthen your business continuity plan, customize most suitable property insurance offer. All that regardless the type of your business, production processes, architecture and facilities’ intended use.

System sygnalizacji pożarowej
System sygnalizacji pożarowej
System sygnalizacji pożarowej

Meet Fisense Transmitter 4 – our latest solution for an alternative, local fire-signaling system.  A remote and wireless tool for detection and signaling of fire hazard, increased fire risk and potentially dangerous conditions at your workplace.
Inssue Fisense detects hazard through a system of sensors, which monitor temperature, humidity, air pressure and additional configurable parameters


Receive preliminary implementation draft created by us with insurance company suggestions


Watch us, as we carry out local and remote analysis of your business’s needs, take precise measurements and present you with final proposal


Choose payment method and pick dates for implementation, training and collection of documents


Obtain custom-fit insurance recommendation during risk assessment carried out by an insurance company

System sygnalizacji pożarowej
System sygnalizacji pożarowej
System sygnalizacji pożarowej
System sygnalizacji pożarowej

Innovative Risk Monitoring
And Hazard Signaling

Industries using Inssue Fisense:

System sygnalizacji pożarowej
System sygnalizacji pożarowej
System sygnalizacji pożarowej
System sygnalizacji pożarowej
System sygnalizacji pożarowej
System sygnalizacji pożarowej


Parts and components production

Timber processing
and woodwork

Logistics and storage

Electronics and robotics

Food production and processing

Systemy sygnalizacji pożarowej